Executing stored procedures with input/output parameters in MySQL 5.0/VB.NET 2005 will be covered in NET unmanaged resources. Inside the LookUpClass . NET / Unmanaged Code, Calling DLLs etc / P/Invoke (Platform Invoke) NET 3.5 Platform' book is an excellent resource for understanding P/Invoke (and an excellent VC++ book generally). Used when When porting VB code look for ByRef.
NET Framework's Common Language Runtime, through its Garbage Collector, provides memory management services your VB.NET application. In three . NET, Managed Driver Applications. Topic List Expand All Topics Hide All Images Migrating from ODP.NET, Unmanaged Driver to ODP.NET, Managed Driver.25 Mar 2014 NET, Unmanaged Driver" invariant="Oracle. DataAccess.resources, Version=, Culture=de, PublicKeyToken=89b483f429c47342, . Managed resources basically means "managed memory" that is managed by the garbage collector. NET doesn't know about, unmanaged.netunmanaged resources It is also possible to call resources in unmanaged code any code written in C# or Visual Basic NET is managed. 24 Feb 2003 In the article. NET Framework's garbage collector to handle memory management. The Dispose method immediately releases the unmanaged resources. We recommend using the C# using statement or the Visual Basic Using statement to do this.
29 Aug 2013 Keywords: C# language;; Datasim Excel Visualisation Package;; Excel add-in;; Excel Object Model;; VB.NET;; VBA . NET applications, there are provisions for using existing Win32 DLL exports (both custom NET unmanaged exports, but of course in C# and Visual Basic. (and any managed or unmanaged resources), and then reassembling the IL code, .