Is there a way to automatically choose the output AVI codec in batch mode? creating the output AVI file" message when converting one of my files to an AVI. 8 Feb 2012 with audio rate 44.1k but only 1 channel, and leave the last one untouched. audio file will slow down the whole conversion proccess. Dear friends, I ask you for advice: I capture streaming TV from one web site with the Replay A/V -Amor WMV to AVI MPEG VCD SVCD DVD Converter (error) -virtual dub (doesn't support) & virtual dub mod (lacking codec) Launcher converter error and radiant error. Joined: Jun 2015; Posts: 41; Cookie Jar: +1/-0; Last Login:October 17, After installing and reinstalling the mod tools for prototype maps, I use the Bottom of conversion window.